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About MD Media Co. 

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The MD Media Promise

MD Media Co. is a Texas based internet marketing company with 25 years combined experience in the SEO and web marketing industry. There are a few things that we believe in that have helped us over the years. Full transparency – our clients know what’s going on with their project at all times. Complete honesty – MD Media Co. clients know they’ll never be lied to or given a bunch of BS. We are not a company that will just say anything to get a client and we do have the right to refuse your project and will if necessary. We have a goal to always under promise and over deliver for our clients. At MD Media we don’t ask ourselves “how much traffic can we get to your site” but rather “how many targeted visitors can we get to your site and convert to customers” because at the end of the day customer acquisition is what matters most. We understand this and develop strategies that promote this for our clients. Since day one MD Media Co. has always been judged on one thing and that’s results, plain and simple! We deliver the results as described every time and the day we don’t, we’ll shut our doors! That is our promise!


The MD Media Co. Mission

Our mission is simple “generate results for each and every one of our clients and grow with them” To elaborate on this, at MD Media Co. our clients are the life blood and we want them to grow like we have. I can’t tell you how many clients came to us with $500 per month and years later they’re still with us and they month budget and business have grown by 20x. Listen, it’s like this, if our clients don’t get results (no matter what service they need) then they will cease to pay us every month because they will not grow. Ergo if we deliver results our clients will grow and pay us more for longer and ipso facto MD Media Co. grows with them; pretty simple right. There are things we do to augment our client’s growth and to foster a long term relationship like free consultations, free SEO analysis, free onsite SEO error fixes and much more. Our competitors are not doing these things plain and simple. If you haven’t noticed by now, we at MD Media Co. are big believers in the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) there is no need to complicate something that’s already complicated enough, marketing and growing your business, right?

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If these reasons aren’t enough to give us a call, check out some other things we do below…

If your business doesn't grow ours won't, so we don't mind spending the time

If you have a new website or are looking for a new website and are not sure how to do the SEO or even where to start, simply send us a call request (or you can get off your butt and call us) and a member of our team will call you. We will then review your website briefly and tell you what is required.

We believe our clients need the fact to make educated decisions about their business

We try to educate our clients if they want to learn. (not all of them do, some know what they want and just want it done and that’s fine as well) Our clients don’t get off the phone with us thinking “what was that guy talking about”. We help them understand so they can make educated decisions for their business.

MD Media prides itself on being there for our clients at every step of the process not just during the sale

Once you provide us with the project and expectations, our team will personally contact you to understand exactly what you want and will follow your guidelines. As a client you will receive reports twice a month, one at the beginning to show where we’re starting and one mid-month to show the progress.

We been around for years and we're not going anywhere

We have done affordable SEO for hundreds of clients on hundreds of websites, some with over 50,000 pages. Long story short, we know what we’re doing and there is nothing you can throw at us that we haven’t seen or worked on before. As the old adage goes “we've been there, done that and got the T-shirt”. Most importantly, we wouldn't have made it to this point without generating results for our clients. Your company’s affordable SEO project will be in the right hands with MD Media.

We focus on long term client relationships, so satisfaction is a must

MD Media has one of the lowest client attrition rates in the industry. Honestly, that is because as a company we focus on long term growth with our clients, affordable SEO is just one of the vehicles we use to do this. Ask any MD Media client if they've spoken to our President, Mr. Dodson, and they will all say “yes” because he calls each and every one of them to make sure they were taken care of. At MD Media we build partners and friends not just clients.

Pay us for results, nothing more

We don't see the need in hitting our clients with a ton of unnecessary fees for every little thing. Honestly, companies that employ this tactic are not confident in keeping you as a client long term. At MD Media Co. you should pay us for results plain and simple.










Become a client and generate resultsin 3 easy steps

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Initial Meeting

We can do this via phone, video conference or a meeting in the flesh. In this initial meeting we will be getting to know your business and answering any questions you have about ours. We will also be collecting data to preform our initial reporting on you project. These reports will give an accurate picture of where we're starting from.

Strategy Meeting

Once we have gathered all of the data like competitor analysis, keyword analysis, onsite SEO corrections just to name a few, we will use this to put together a marketing action plan which will include a proposal and estimated costs along with the start date.

Deliver Results

Once we receive the signed proposal and payment details we start you project and MD Media Co. delivers results. It really is that simple! This process is the same for all marketing services with the exception of Video Marketing which is a bit more involved.