Advanced tips on Social Media: The “Do’s & Don’ts”

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Advanced tips on Social Media: The “Do’s & Don’ts”

Social Media Content Linking Chart

There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to sharing and linking content on Social Media. The graphic above is a demonstration of how Social content should be shared and linked. When you have Social Content that you’ve created (whether it be an article on your site, an article on a different site, a video you produced, shared content, etc.) it should be shared and linked through the proper channels. Here are just a few tips that you can use to optimize your content on Social Media. If you need more help on this subject be sure and check our Houston social media marketing page. Also, if your looking for great content to draw in more social media conversions then consider adding video. Check out our article on video production & marketing

How you SHOULD link Social Content

As a side note, I’d like to point out that you almost always want to begin with Facebook when you post your content. Now, let’s start at the top. When you create Social Content it should be linked to a direct webpage, which in most cases will be your business site or blog. There are two ways of doing this, you can either include the webpage you’re targeting on your Facebook (or other platform) post, or you can include your Facebook post on your website using Facebook SDK Embed tools and Google analytics. This works by creating tracking pixels for each webpage from both your social sites and Google Analytics.

This content should also be linked to indirect pages as well. Indirect pages would be web pages with similar content but not your personal webpage. This means that if you’re posting something important on social media about your business (article, press release, video, etc.), then you can share your social link on other sites about business or post about your business. This includes other Facebook pages, blogs, and your own homepage. Then we just make sure that our direct webpage is linked to the indirect pages as well and that’s that. This is done simply by including your website link (where the content originated) in your shared post. It’s simpler than it sounds, I promise.

Now moving onto the middle and bottom sections of the graphic above. The middle section is simple, you should always duplicate your content on other Social Networking sites. So if you post something on your Facebook page, you should post the same thing on your Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube (if possible), Pinterest, etc. Your Social platforms should be linked, so this should happen automatically. If your social platforms are not currently linked, please go here to find information on how to do so. The bottom section of the graphic is for SHARING content that you’re not the original author of. For example, If a reporter writes a news story about your business’s new store opening, service, product, etc., that reporter would be the “author” and their social sites should be included in your social content as well so you can share it from their profile directly. This is a direct social share. Lastly, if there is an original website where you got your content like this article for example, you should include the link to our site in your social post as well as any other relevant links.

What NOT to do when posting social media content

When posting content on social media sites, you should always include links to your website, other social media platforms you control, or both. You should not simply post trivial content about your business and expect to see conversions. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

The screen shot below would be an example of what not to do. As you can see, the only thing mentioned in this post is a link. This post should be linking not only to the article, but also to Music News and Taylor Swift’s Facebook profiles, and the embed code should be optimized to show article and photo in our post. If you notice this post had 0 engagement from our audience.


Houston Social Media Marketing Tips 2


This screen shot below is an example of how content should be shared. This particular post is about a new song from the artist Bahamas. This post may be simple, but the post is linked directly back to the artist’s Facebook page at the top, and the embed code is optimized to have a photograph of the original content as well as the link. This will engage more people. As you can see this simple post has 300 likes. So the proof, as they say ” is in the pudding” or in this case the optimized social post.


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