What is your website losing with improper onsite SEO

<strong>Search Engine Rank</strong>Search Engine Rank

There are 6 billion searches per day and 70% of search engine visitors click on the top 5 results. With improper onsite SEO your website will never get a piece of that business

<strong>Online Customers</strong> Online Customers

If search engines can't read your website then they will never know what to rank you for and customer won't find you in the search results. If customer have a hard time following your website they'll never buy.

<strong>Business Growth</strong>  Business Growth

The are millions of people searching for products and services in your local market that your business offers. With no onsite SEO they're finding your competitors, not you. Don't you want to found first?

We offer onsite SEO as part of the package unlike the other guys

Houston Onsite SEO

Answer this for me: Is your website set up with proper onsite SEO? If you had to think about it, odds are your onsite SEO needs to be addressed. Our Houston SEO service can look this over for you, and fix these simple SEO mistakes that are costing you money. To put this in perspective here is an article from MOZ.com, a top authority in SEO, explaining just some of the factors the search engines are looking for on your website.

Take a look at some statistics that MD Media has gathered through the years.

  1. Up to 65% of our clientele have put websites online without any knowledge of what meta descriptions, keyword tags, title tags or anchor text are…

  2. Almost all of our clientele have looked for solutions for ranking outside of their website with no thought to their onsite SEO (which is a huge mistake)

  3. 55% or our clientele have less than 200 words on their whole website, which is one of the many reasons why websites get slapped by Google

  4. 70% of our clientele have stuffed numerous keyword in their meta tags, this is known as keyword stuffing (this is very bad) Their titles were over 40 words long. (both of these tactics invoke Google penalties)

Do these things sound familiar?

MD Media is all about educating our clients on Houston SEO services so let me tell you something you may not know about Houston SEO

In almost every case (with certain reservations) you can rank a webpage in any city, state or country for any keyword term if you have enough quality links and authority pointing to it. With that said, if the onsite SEO is done properly, the amount of links, effort and money needed to generate and maintain 1st page placement drops dramatically.

What we’re trying to say is, “if you are trying to rank your site using only link building with no onsite SEO you are”

  1. Putting in unnecessary work and money into link building than you need to compensate for the lack of on-site SEO.

  2. Not doing proper SEO as you have no regard for the fundamentals

  3. Dramatically increasing the likelihood of getting your website penalized by Google and other search engines

However, onsite SEO is one of the first things we look at in our initial Houston SEO service overview of your project and you can expect top quality onsite SEO for any type of website. Our Houston SEO Services are designed to identify and fix all of the issues so that you as our clients never need to worry about it.

Why do our competitors miss this in Houston SEO services?

Well, In case you weren’t aware there are 2 types of SEO: Onsite SEO and offsite SEO (to learn more about our offsite search engine optimization services click the link). Most of our competitors focus on offsite SEO, which involves link building. If you’re wondering why they do this, it’s because offsite SEO is a far more lucrative proposition for them and as you might imagine, all companies want to make money right? This typically results in most companies not checking your website for proper onsite SEO before they begin building links. 90% of website owners either do not know, or do not comprehend the importance of onsite SEO service. This is a crucial aspect of SEO services and it’s an aspect that is always included in your Houston SEO service from MD Media.

The Things We're Looking At In OurOnsite SEO Audit

With a simple onsite SEO audit of your website we can identify the things are keeping your website from getting top placement in the search engines. 70% of search engine traffic click on the top 5 results!


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Broken & Toxic Links

Broken and toxic links can be devastating to your websites ranking ability. MD Media Co. will identify these and correct them as part of our offsite SEO strategy.


Onsite factors

These include things like meta data, tags, anchor text, and so on. These things allow the search engines to read your website and determine what it's about. If these things aren't correct all the offsite seo in the world won't help because the search engines can't read your website accurately.


Website Content

Not all website content is created equally. Your website content is one of the most important aspects of onsite SEO. It's what your customers are using to make buying decisions and its what the search engines are using to determine what keywords to rank your websites for. this is not something you want to leave unattended.