Top Houston Video Marketing: The Time is Now

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Best Houston Video Production strategies to drive local business

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In every minute that passes, more than 48 hours of new video content is uploaded. What is even more interesting is the fact that 17% of the online population spends less than 4 seconds on a website but is willing to spend an average of 3 minutes watching a video online. A clear indication that video is indeed powerful. However, if you are not optimizing your videos to match what the online population is searching for, then the chances of your videos reaching their intended audience are quite minimal. This is where video marketing in Houston comes in.

At MD Media Co. we’re more than just a Houston video production company; we’re a results-oriented web marketing company that’s focused on helping you grow your business. Not only will we help you produce high quality videos, but our SEO technicians will see to it that your videos are properly optimized such that they rank higher in search engines and increase converting traffic to your site. After all, there has never been a better time to add video marketing in to your marketing mix; here are the benefits you stand to gain from top Houston Video production with MD Media Co.

1. Video gives your brand a face
2. Video is more likely to go viral
3. Video sets you apart from the crowd
4. Video helps you simplify and convey complex information easily
5. Video empowers viewers to share
6. Consumers watching a video are more likely to make a purchase

Still, a lot of people hear about video production and their minds quickly drift off to complicated jargon, video editing and coding. What these people fail to realize however is that video marketing is all about identifying your audiences’ language, needs and wants; it’s just that simple.

How Our Video Marketing Services Work

i) We create professional and engaging quality content

Do you wonder why people are more likely to spend more time watching a video than reading content in a website? Simple: Because videos are engaging. For instance, videos that provide step-by-step demonstrations on ‘how to’ topics and those that express opinions on particular topics are considered quite useful and receive the most audience in the online world. However, the videos should be produced in search away that they are long enough to cover the basics but short enough to keep the viewer wanting more. Having a competent and professional video production company like MD Media Co. is the best way to ensure your videos are of good quality.

ii) Video Reporting for consistent ROI

Our best Houston video marketing strategists will actively monitor how your video content is performing to see which clips are driving the most transactions and views

iii) We have dedicated strategists for cross-web promotions

As mentioned earlier, your videos are only effective once they get an audience. At MD Media Co. we provide you with a team of highly trained video strategists that will offer you impressive video SEO consultancy and ensure that your videos and their accompanying scripts draw relevant search traffic to your website.
Let’s face it, the way people shop online is changing. In fact, more than a half of American consumers agree that branded videos make an impact on the purchase decisions. MD Media Company’s fully integrated video marketing and Houston video production services will fuel your web presence with quality, interactive content designed to engage and influence your unique audience.

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